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Welcome to Joanne Jensen’s Lifestyle Blog. All About Gardening, Great Food, Gathering, and The Love of The Great Outdoors.

My Lifestyle

I’m the author/owner of  I am a mother, wife, storyteller, and quintessential busy-bee. My biggest passion is my family, which includes my husband Ian, and my two amazing adult daughter’s Natasha and Chelsea. 

I always seem to be in the middle of everything full of laughter, love, and family. I have a passion for cooking, gardening, and hiking, these are a few of the things that keep me busy.

How It All Began

My outdoor lifestyle blog turned into a way for me to journal my life as a wife and a mother. As a working parent that also somehow balances a side hustle of blogging that I love.

I just love blogging and learning all the ins and outs of how to blog, including  Word Press, Content Creation, Canva, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, etc.

so I started chronicling my journey. Soon after, I was posting on my blog answering questions on urban gardening, clean keto/paleo eating, and hiking I was able to learn about ways to monetize my blog and that opened my eyes to the potential.

That Was My Light Bulb Moment

So,  I started my blog My lifestyle blog turned into a way to journal my life as a wife and a mother.

Later, I was able to learn about ways to monetize my blog through advertising and affiliate links. That opened my eyes to the potential of this lifestyle blog.

Great Food

An important area of my life that I blog about is my health.  Implementing a healthy lifestyle by providing recipes for as unprocessed as possible, gluten-free, dairy-free, and as much plant-based with a little chicken and fish. I seem to feel better when I follow this kind of eating style.

I have tried every kind of weight loss program from Weight Watchers to Jenny Craig, etc. Which was what I did for many years. 

I found eating less gluten, less dairy, and more veggies is more attainable for me and I have seen a 20 lb weight loss even while going through menopause.


Before Photo of Joanne Jensen
Before Photo of Joanne Jensen


Joanne Jensen After Losing Weight
Joanne Jensen After Losing Weight

Over time  I also began to have health issues, my thyroid became problematic and I had to seek medical treatment.  I had horrible allergies to gluten, dairy, and other items that still to this day,  I keep trying to figure out. My skin would continually flare up and I always seem fatigued.

I know that living a healthier lifestyle doesn’t happen overnight, and I’m not here to overwhelm you. It’s okay to start with small steps. With just a few simple changes, you’ll be on your way to making your home safer.

Walking & Hiking

Joanne Jensen in the mountains
Joanne Jensen in the mountains

Well, I have been an avid walker for as long as I can remember, but the joy of hiking is relatively new. I wonder why it took me so long to get out into the beautiful mountains and lake districts. So now I have another passion. Lol, which has also helped my health along the way.

Joining family and friends has also brought me so much joy. The mountain ranges and trails here in Alberta and British Columbia are spectacular.

Purchasing outdoor gear and clothing has also been a treat. My husband Ian and I have found an additional hobby we thoroughly enjoy together in our later years.


Gardening Joanne Jensen
Gardening Joanne Jensen

Next was discovering how to do gardening, We often think we need to have land out in the country to be more sustainable and independent. But that’s not true. We can start where we are–right here and now. When in England my joy is to visit HMS Royal Gardens

Cooking healthy meals for my family makes me stronger, and inspires joy. The same can be true for you, and I’m here to show you how

I have grown my own gardens in small spaces in the city, and know firsthand that urban homesteading is possible. Now is a wonderful time to gain pride and independence in growing our own food and medicine.

After finally learning the root causes of a lifelong battle with chronic illness, plants have become even more important to me, as they have helped me heal. I want to share my passion and what I’ve learned so far, with the hopes that it can be helpful to you.

There are so many fun options for saving space in the garden! Try raised beds, growing vertically, growing smaller varieties, growing only what you truly love, and finding creative ways to sneak in gardens to unlikely spaces.

Career History

In my corporate career over the years, I  have spent 18 years within the education system on the office administrative side of things. I am skilled with the ability to design, and implement new systems with the database knowledge of administration and accounting systems.  

In my 30s, I spent several years as a licensed realtor and also renovating and flipping homes privately for our family on the side.

In my 20’s, I was an Audit Manager for 365 stores across Canada. So my accounting background skills and Excel knowledge became beneficial. 

My first career began in England in the banking system before relocating to Canada. As an avid learner and a person that loves self-improvement, I found that I was never content with being stagnant. I learned how to position myself for new opportunities that allow me to expand my skill sets.


Whether you’re starting a garden, eating as healthy as possible, want to reduce plastic waste in the kitchen, or are greening up your skincare routine. This is how I began and continue to learn daily.

So I hope my blog inspires and helps you. Here at, You will find heart-filling inspiration in my everyday life. Enjoy.

Hugs and Blessings.

 XO Joanne.

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