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About Joanne Jensen

Joanne Jensen

Welcome to Joanne Jensen’s Blog. All About Gardening, and The Great Outdoors.

My Lifestyle

Joanne Jensen is the author/founder of  She is a mother, wife, storyteller, and quintessential busy-bee. Her biggest passion is her family, which includes her husband Ian, and her two amazing adult daughter’s Natasha and Chelsea. 

She always says she seems to be in the middle of everything full of laughter, love, and family. Joanne has a passion for gardening and hiking. Having 45-plus years of experience in gardening and a love of education which includes 18 years of my career in the educational Industry. These are a few of the things that keep her busy.

Light Bulb Moment

So, she started her blog The blog turned into a way to journal her life as a wife and a mother, a gardener, and a hiker.

Later, she was able to learn about ways to monetize my blog through advertising and affiliate links. That opened her eyes to the potential of this amazing blog.


Gardening Joanne Jensen
Gardening Joanne Jensen

Joanne Jensen is a renowned gardener with over 45 years of experience in the gardening industry. Her passion for gardening began when she was a child, assisting her Mom and Nana in tending to their backyard garden in England. Since then, she has developed a deep appreciation for plants and has devoted her life to learning more about them.

Joanne has worked in her garden for over 45 years, where she gained a wealth of knowledge in plant propagation, cultivation, and landscape design. She also traveled extensively around the world to visit various gardens and to learn about unique plant species. Some of her favorites are one RHS Garden Harlow Carr in England also The Butchart Gardens located in Brentwood Bay, British Columbia, Canada.

Joanne is the founder of her own gardening blog specializing in organic gardening methods and sustainable landscaping practices. She is an expert in everything from soil composition and pest management to plant selection and garden design. Her gardening expertise has helped her outdoor spaces into breathtaking, thriving gardens that provide both aesthetic beauty and environmental benefits.

In addition to her professional work, Joanne has a passion for hiking. She loves to explore the great outdoors and discover new trails to hike. Her enthusiasm for hiking inspires her gardening style, as she enjoys incorporating native plants into her designs and creating naturalistic landscapes that blend seamlessly with the surrounding environment.

Joanne shares her vast knowledge and passion for gardening and hiking through her blog, Her blog is a popular destination for gardening and hiking enthusiasts, where she provides tips, advice, and inspiration for creating and maintaining beautiful gardens and exploring the outdoors.

Joanne’s dedication to gardening and her commitment to sustainability has earned her numerous accolades in the industry. She is a sought-after speaker and educator, sharing her expertise with gardening and hiking clubs, community groups, and educational institutions.

In summary, Joanne Jensen is an accomplished horticulturist and avid hiker, sharing her passion for the outdoors through her gardening business, blog, and speaking engagements. Her love for plants and hiking inspires her to create beautiful, sustainable landscapes that harmonize with the natural environment.

Walking & Hiking

Joanne Jensen in the mountains
Joanne Jensen in the mountains

Well, she has been an avid walker for as long as she can remember, but the joy of hiking is relatively new. Joanne wonders why it took her so long to get out into the beautiful mountains and lake districts. So now she has another passion. Lol, which has also helped her health along the way.

Joining family and friends has also brought her so much joy. The mountain ranges and trails here in Alberta and British Columbia are spectacular.

Purchasing outdoor gear and clothing has also been a treat. My husband Ian and I have found an additional hobby we thoroughly enjoy together in our later years.

Career History

In her corporate career over the years, she has spent 18 years within the education system on the office administrative side of things. She is skilled with the ability to design, and implement new systems with database knowledge of administration and accounting systems.  

In her 30s, Joanne spent several years as a licensed realtor and also renovating and flipping homes privately for her family on the side.

In her 20’s, she was an Audit Manager for 365 stores across Canada. So her accounting background skills and Excel knowledge became beneficial. 

Her first career began in England in the banking system before relocating to Canada. As an avid learner and a person that loves self-improvement, she found that she was never content with being stagnant. Joanne learned how to position herself for new opportunities that allow her to expand her skill sets.

Throughout all of this gardening has been my constant passion and hobby for over the last 45-plus year. I love to blog and teach all my experiences and my 45 years of knowledge.


Whether you’re starting a garden, eating as healthy as possible, or hiking in the mountains. We hope this blog inspires and helps you. Here at, You will find heart-filling inspiration in her everyday life. Enjoy.

Hugs and Blessings.

 XO Joanne.

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